The Liebscher-Lehanka corner in the show

 Liebscher-Lehanka Beer




 The "theme" of the show curated by Georg Herold was collaboration. Liebscher went to London, while Lehanka stayed in Frankfurt. Liebscher took digital photographs of the artists constructing the show. These pictures were send via modem to Lehanka and he put himself in and send them back. They are printed on T-shirts hanging on the wall. Liebscher also made two books with Mattew higgs IMPRINT 93 and invited artists to make the back label of the Liebscher-Lehanka beer. One of the first Unidentified Flying Objects was constructed out of single use cameras, used also to document the week in London. The pictures were on the table.

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  444&222 TOO (Karaoke)
South London Gallery, London 1995


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