The pages were copied and alternated fom major museums all over the world.

When you see something in the internet on your screen, the whole text and pictures are already on you harddisk.

The source code of web pages of major museums where alered. Click an the links on the left to see the original page if you are online (some pages may have changed or are not on the web anymore)

The main part of these pages was made for the 1997 show in Speyer, Germany, LIEBSCHERHAUS. Martin Liebscher won the Hans Purrmann Price for fine art. This price is connected with a show at the Kunstverein Speyer. The Kunstverein is located in a decent Villa. For the show two inhabitants of Speyer, Hering Cerin and Tom Schön had all their belongings imoved into the Villa and lived there during the show.

The Liebscherhaus building was a museum, located in the old part of the town, near the Hans Purrmann Haus. On display was the history of Martin Liebschers art, starting from early painting when he was just seven years old to recentent work. The show included drawings in schollbooks, embarasing etchings, made when the artist was 16, drug influenced comicbooks, pre art school work, the Liebscher-Lehanka project and a lot more. LIEBSCHERHAUS had a bar and there were weekly lectures:

Chistian Jankowski, Friedensallee 12 (Hamburg)
Fr. 28. Februar 20:00

Dirk Paschke, Daniel Milohnic, Hafenbad (Frankfurt)
Do. 13. März 20:00

Schmidl & Haas, Ausstellungsraum (Frankfurt)
Do. 20. März 20:00

Tony Hunt, consume bar (Frankfurt)
Do. 27, März 20:00

Since then the CD is constantly growing and a lot of new stuff is added.

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Bienale Venezia /Biografie

Uffizien, Florenz /Begegnungstätte

Louvre, Paris / Familienbilder

Guggenheim, New York / LIEBSCHERHAUS

MOMA, New York / Membership / Öffnungszeiten

Praline / Andere Rekorde

Vatikan Rom /Worte über Martin Liebscher

National Portrait Gallery London /Liebscherhaus / Portrait

The Getty,Los Angeles /Leebshers Bed & Breakfast
The Getty, Los Angeles/ Publications

The BEER MUSEUM of BRASIL / Los Angeles Beer drawings

Centre Georges Pompidou , Paris / Los Angeles :Europa

Deutsches Museum, München / Liebscher-Lehanka

Museum für moderne Kunst Frankfurt / Workgroups

Art Institute of Chicago / Bayrle+Liebscher

Dia Center for the Arts , New York / Liebscherhaus

Ufo Museum , Roswell, NM / Unidentified Foto Objects

Los Angeles County Museum , LA / Weltrekord


Museu de Arte Moderna , Rio de Janeiro / Panoramas

Outsider Museum, Russia / Pfalzgalerie


Leonardo Lives at the Seattle Art Museum / Kippenberger

Prado, Madrid / Familienbilder

Nationalgalerie, Berlin / Texte

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York / Shows

State Heritage Museum, St. Petersburg, RU / Shows

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