In 1987 the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities outlined an ambitious publications program encompassing five book series: Texts & Documents, Sketchbooks & Albums, Issues & Debates, Bibliographies & Dossiers, and Angel's Flight. The aim of each is to stimulate innovative scholarship that will utilize the full scope of the humanities and social sciences to re-examine the meaning and importance of art and artifacts within past and present cultures.

The Texts & Documents series offers translations of important writings on art, architecture, and aesthetics edited according to modern standards of scholarship and framed by critical introductions and commentaries.

Published titles in this series include:

  1. Otto Wagner, Modern Architecture
  2. Heinrich Hübsch, In What Style Should We Build?
  3. Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières, The Genius of Architecture
  4. Claude Perrault, Ordonnance for the Five Kinds of Columns after the Method of the Ancients
  5. Friedrich Gilly, Essays on Architecture, 1796-1799
  6. Empathy, Form, and Space: Problems in German Aesthetics, 1873-1893
  7. Hermann Muthesius, Style-Architecture and Building-Art
  8. Sigfried Giedion, Building in France, Building in Iron, Building in Ferroconcrete
  9. Hendrik Berlage, Thoughts on Style, 1886-1911
  10. Adolf Behne, The Modern Functional Building
  11. Aby Warburg Collected Writings
  12. Forthcoming title: Alois Riegl, The Dutch Group Portrait (to be published Fall 1999).
  13. Forthcoming title: Walter Curt Behrendt, The Victory of the New Building Style (to be published Fall 1999).
  14. Forthcoming title: Jacob Burckhardt, Italian Renaissance Painting According to Genres (to be published Spring 2000).

In a complementary fashion, the Sketchbooks & Albums series publishes rare visual materials, such as artists' and architects' sketchbooks, albums, and drawing books from the fifteenth century through the present. These materials will be accompanied by a catalog and by a scholarly introduction that considers the work chronologically, regionally, typologically, and historically. Both series will include previously unpublished manuscripts, sketchbooks, and other materials from the Research Institute's collections.

Published titles in this series include:


  1. The Topkapi Scroll—Geometry and Ornament in Islamic Architecture

Of particular importance to the publications program are works that reflect the continuing production of scholarship. The Issues & Debates series presents new perspectives generated in the Research Institute's scholarly conferences, symposia, and seminars.

Published titles in this series include:


  1. Art in History/History in Art: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Culture
  2. American Icons: Transatlantic Perspectives on Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century American Art
  3. Otto Wagner: Reflections on the Raiment of Modernity
  4. Censorship and Silencing: Practices of Cultural Regulation
  5. Dosso's Fate: Painting and Court Culture in Renaissance Italy
  6. Nietzsche and an "Architecture of Our Minds"

Bibliographies & Dossiers provides valuable research tools to the scholarly community. Texts in this series include bibliographies and exhibition catalogs of works in the Research Institute's collections.

Published titles in this series include:


  1. Russian Modernism: The Collections of the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities, #1
  2. Incendiary Art: The Representation of Fireworks in Early Modern Europe
  3. Irresistible Decay: Ruins Reclaimed
  4. Maiolica in the Making: The Gentili/Barnabei Archive

The Angel's Flight series, named after the funicular railway that opened in Los Angeles in 1901, is a vehicle for texts of singular character and originality. These small, highly reflective, and visually stimulating books are generated by writers, scholars, and artists who have been resident at the Research Institute or deeply involved in its programs.

Published titles in this series include:


  1. Looking for a City in America: Down These Mean Streets a Man Must Go . . .

The Research Institute has in the past published the journal RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics. Founded in 1981 by Francesco Pellizzi, a Fellow at Harvard University's Peabody Museum, RES brings an interdisciplinary perspective to the investigation of all objects, cult or artistic. Back issues of RES may be purchased through Cambridge University Press.

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